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Cat O'Nine Tails by Deborah Macgillivray

CAT O'NINE TALES offers a variety of short stories, that have a cat in common. These different tales are sure to please every cat lover--they are filled with cats with great character. There are stories to cover almost every romance genre-- historical, paranormal, and contemporary. While reading this book, I experienced a wide range of emotions and each story had its own hot hero. 

One of my favorite stories is the humorous contemporary tale of a romance writer brought together, with the aid of her patch-wearing cat, with a hunky reviewer, who likes to "diss" her books. Another great story has a yummy cat shapeshifter, who needs his curse removed. 

All in all, CAT O'NINE TALES hits the spot for romance lovers, especially ones who love cats.

Four and a half Mystique Moons.  (Excellent)
 and Class Three sensualtiy.  (Romantic Erotica)

Marlene Breakfield, Review Coordinator