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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!  Eli's a doll!  What a sweatheart.  And hot, Hot, HOT!  Maggie is a lucky woman.  More, Eli's a lucky man, self-aware enough to know what a precious treasure Maggie is.  And, he has no problems telling her that.  Or staking his claim, for that matter.  What a man!  He never looses his cool or his control, not even when facing down her trollish parents like a White Knight saving his damsel in distress.  Now, there's a man a girl can put her trust in.

How did such a romance happen?  Well, it almost didn't.  Maggie was in such "Deep Undercover" that her natural submissive tendencies had been surpressed to the extent that Eli, an experienced Dom, swore that she was "vanilla".  But he wanted her, to the extent that he was considering setting aside his Dominant sexual tastes in order to please her.  Horrors!   That's like someone swearing off of oral sex!  (Can I say that here?) Thankfully, he didn't need to, for within Maggie lay the heart and mind of a submissive longing for a Dom she could rely on.  She decides to give Eli a test run.  Was he up to the task?  Oh, yeah!

What a sweet story.  Watching Eli and Maggie take a leap of faith and trust their deepest vulnerabilities to each other was heartwarming.  It gave me hope. Hope for a True Love of my own.  Hope that Love did conquer All.  And hope that there was someone for everyone.  Indeed, the day seemed a bit brighter when I finished LOVING CONTROL.  It was that heartwarming.  And the sex?  Oooooooooooman!  If your tastes run to a bit sinful and dark, LOVING CONTROL is for you.  I was with Maggie, howling, "Yes!  Tie me, baby!  Whoya!"

I do have one nit.  The piercings gave me the willies.  I mean, I'm not a prude or anthing--am I?--but having needles poking holes in that particular bit of my anatomy is just....well, it's just.  But don't let my weenie-ness convice you not to read LOVING CONTROL.  The sexual heat is equally matched by the sweet, emotional intensity.  Hopefully there are more White Knights running around.  Girls all over this world need more of them.

Four and One Half Mystique Moons.  (Excellent)
Class Five Sensuality.  (Raging Carnality)

Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books
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Yeah!  A dominant male who isn't a jackass.  W00t!!  And a girl I can relate to, including a taste for dominance and blessed with:  hips, tummy-chub, and self-esteem challenges.  I did say blessed, yes?  Brian doesn't always think so, especially when we're talking about my self-esteem issues.  But we're talking about author Ann Jacobs' story, not mine. 

SWITCHING CONTROL is great.  Tom is fantastic and Selina is heartbreakingly real.  The two meet at a club, Club Rio to be precise, and after a time of "consideration"--aka, having Selina join into some kinky play--Tom has made his decision.  He's going to keep her.  She's everything he's ever wanted.  Sexy and sensual, real, has a taste for kinky sex and at her core is a sweet submissive.  On top of that, she fits into his "outside" life as well.  The problem?  Her ex husband, a jackass of the first water who took the loving, submissive part of Selina and turned it into self-loathing.  As a doctor, Tom is used to healing many diverse injuries.  And he has just the treatment for Selina's pain.  Lots of passion, emotional commitment, and hot hot sex.  What else could any submissive want?

I very much enjoyed this story.  It was real and dealt with real issues prevalent for today's non-vanilla lifestyle-living people.  It also gave hope, teaching that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that size eighteen is OK, and that there are some men that can be trusted.  Many say that a good slave is hard to find.  Equally, a good Master is hard to find.  Luckily for Selina, as portrayed in author Jacobs's SWITCHING CONTROL, she found such a guy. 

Good for her!  And good for Ann Jacobs for touching upon such sensitive issues as spousal abuse, today's obsession with rail-thin girls, and broken trust.  Well done.

Five Mystique Moons.  (Outstanding)
Class Five sensuality.  (Raging Carnality)

Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books