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KNIGHT'S FORK by Rowena Cherry

Rowena Cherry is a brilliant writer. Blending humor and romance is much harder then most people believe and she does it effortlessly. Her third Djinn novel is an excellent example. KNIGHT'S FORK had me laughing from the first chapter all the way to the end.

Rhett is a hot and smart leading man that had me thinking of old Carry Grant movies and some of the great one-liners he delivered on the silver screen. Electra is an intelligent, beautiful woman who captures the reader's heart from page one. These two are thrust together through a series of hysterical misadventures that lead to a sizzling romance.

This novel has it all and I would recommend it to everyone. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that this is the third book in the series and makes reference to characters and events in the previous books. Readers might want to read this series in order and not as stand alone books.

Five Mystique Moons.  (Outstanding)
Class Two sensuality.  (Limited)

Sarah Gentili, co-owner of Mystique Books

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