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SEX DEATH ROCK n ROLL by Staci Layne Wilson and Darren Gordon Smith

Sex Death Rock n Roll is an edgy, smart and often dark anthology that is captivating to read. Wilson and Smith clearly have a deep love for the subject matter and tackle it with the creativity and intelligence it deserves. It is impossible to choice just one of the stories in the anthology as a favorite.

"Fandom/Phantom" - Is a fun, pulpy look at rock n roll icons and what happens when you meet an idol. With a nice romantic, sci-fi plot that twists and turns the reader is in for one hell of a good ride.

"Little Rosie vs. The Devil" - A unique and original story that is told from the point of view of Little Rosie, a rosewood tree that is turn into a fender guitar. Wrapped up in the myth of fame and deals with the devil, this story was an easy favorite.

"In(ter)vention" - A humorous and witty story that made me laugh out loud. In(ter)vention tells the story of a music critic named Ian whose mother stages a cyber-intervention.

"Depraved Indifference" - The darkest story in the collection, Depraved Indifference, is a brilliantly creative look at suicide and the darker corners of rock n roll history. If I had to pick one favorite in this collection, this was it.

"Fishing with Grandpa" - A lighter story about two college roommates and what happens when your family includes a famous bass player who has an eye for the ladies. Charming and sexy.

I'm a music junkie and  love rock 'n' roll . Most of the books I've read about music, especially rock, have fallen short. Not Wilson and Smith. They deliver a fascinating and fun anthology that remains true to the spirit of rock n roll. I highly recommend this anthology.

Four and a Half Mystique Moons

Sara Gentili, Co-Owner Mystique Books
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