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December 2015


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Magnificent, as always. Kantra again delivers a brilliant, breathtaking story of family and love in the gorgeous and rustic Dare Island community.  I'm so in love with her Dare Island.  Of all fantasies, existing within a healthy and supportive family is mine.  (Ugly story about my childhood later in this post.)

Anyway, here we meet Jack Rossi.  No, not the dude from Criminal Minds although, yes, that one's a Rossi as well, but the new Chief of police for the laid-back, sea community.  He's there to put his life back together from what most of us face as we age.  A relationship that went bad.  Yeah, it sucks but it's also life.  More, he's the type or hero who can, and does, rescue a kitten and give it a forever home aboard his boat.  Sweet Lord, I love a guy like that!  The uniform is a plus.  (Gotta love a guy in a uniform, no?)  Add in the fact he's a hot Italian guy and, yeah, I'm soooooooooo in looooooooooove!

On the other side of the spectrum is Lauren Patterson, grad student and survivor of a police action that went back.  She's also in recovery and is dealing with a sever case of PTSD's avoidance cluster.  I get that.  No, really, I have that.  (Childhood thing.  Again, later.)

These two meet and the flames ignite into a beautiful storm of of passion and renewed trust.  OMG, a GORGEOUS story.  I know that a romance needs a black moment, a question of "will they lose their way?" but, sheesh!  I wouldn't have left that guy's life, let alone his bed.  (TMI?  Sorry.)

I'm in love with this series.  Can you tell?

Five Mystique Moons
Class Three sexuality

Now back to the topic of my childhood and why now?  Because of Kantra's short "Carolina Heart" found inside ASK ME WHY.  The dedication inside says "To all girls who were told they wern't smart enough or good enough or deserving enough.  This one's for you."  And, yes, that meant me and Cynthie's story made be cry because that was my story, which is something I reached out to Kantra to tell her that.

I'm not gonna lie and say my life was roses.  In fact, you can read about my life in my fiction.  Let's just say I won the Triple Crown of abuses: physical, psychological and sexual.  In fact, I was abucted by Mommie Dearest and placed into indentured Servitude.  No, really.  It's a matter of record.  More, my pain and my reproductive system was a stream of income starting with the creeptastic photos while I was in the second grade to deleberately breaking me up from my baby's daddy (when I was 19) to keep her hands on my welfare check.  It didn't work.  I ran out of there anyway, 19-years old, intentionally minimized and kept uneducated to destroy my self esteem and ability to care for myself and my 3-month child in hand, and continually destroying my life because of Mommy Dearest's eromaniac pathology.  (Really, she wants me to say "You're such a good mommy!" and makes sure that whever I build up is destroyed so that I'm forced back beneath her jackboot.   Delusional.  But, that's a different topic.)

Anyway, like me, Cynthie is a single parent desperate to turn her life around.  Unlike me, Cynthie has a supportive parent.  (Lucky chick)  Like me, she's also determined to remain away from people, especially emotionally, because she, like me, has learned that people want only one thing from me.  Profit.  A way to ensure their own betterment with no regard to my emotional wellness.

My life is as displayed exactly as Kantra mentioned in her book.  "I'm the chick who gets knocked up behind the bleachers."

I was abandoned by my baby's daddy because of Mommy Dearest's phone calls to his house telling his family that I was a stank ho' that was sleeping around on him.  He's a good man.  We were both 18 in my pregnancy and 19 in our daughter's first year.  For Cynthie, everything came full circle.  I still dream of that happening for me.

Her daughter has reconnected with her now and All Is Good.  For me, not at all.  He's moved on and is in a brilliant new life.  Bummer for me but he's a father to our child so that's a victory since Mommy Dearest's dearest's desire was to have him gone, gone, gone from our daughter's life.  The victory for me is something the Cynthie character appeared to know well.  And she, like me, didn't give up.  She would find a way into a new life and it would be beautiful.  And she would never give up.

"Carolina Heart" is my story and Kantra said "This one's for you."  Thank you, Virginia Kantra.  For too long girls like me have sufferend, invisible and dismissed.  Thank you.

Five Mystique Moons
Class Three sexuality

Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books