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TURTLE SOUP by Danielle Thorne

This book has an extreme "Awww" factor, and to that I say:  FANTASTIC!

Jack and Sara meet at an airport, and it's not a friendly meet.  Their mutual dislike continues through the first part of the book.  Two people who hate each other on sight?  Not quite.  Two people desperate not to be hurt again?  Yes.

The love story is warm and believable, flowing nicely across each page and developing organically, but what I liked most about TURTLE SOUP is its very topical subject.  The preservation of our sea life, and the humanity of our homeless, are relevant to anyone living on this world today.  Truly, a lovely read.

Five Mystique Moons.  (Cosmic)
Class one sensuality.  (Absent)

Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books
Tags: danielle thorne

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