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YESTERDAYS DREAM by Danielle Ackley-McPhail

I was pleasantly surprised by this first novel of Danielle Ackley-McPhail's. She delivers a haunting blend of Celtic Myth and Urban Fantasy wrapped in a tightly wound story that pulls the reader in. While not the typical romance, Yesterdays Dreams is a wonderfully crafted story.

Surpriseing the relationship that I found most fasinating was between the two heroines, Kara and Maggie. Kara is a 23 year old violenist who is forced to sell her violen at the beginning of the story. Maggie McCormick is a 200 year old Sighe running a pawnshop. Maggie's sidhe clan act as gaudrians for Kara's family. The two quickly form a friendship that is perfectly crafted.

I was also moved by some of the horror and dark magic elements littered through out the story are brillent. These scenes where vid enough o make my skin crawl and set aside the book to turn on the lights.

Chilling baddies. Strong heroines. Elegently crafted storytelling. All these combine to make this a memorable read that I highly recommand.

Four and One Half Mystique Moons.  (Excellent)
Class Two Sensuality. 

Sarah Gentili, Co-Owner Mystique Books
Tags: danielle ackley-mcphail

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