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KNIGHT'S FORK by Rowena Cherry

"Caught between a rock and a hard place."  Or, in the case of Saurian Knight 'Rhett, caught between one desperate Queen and two ambitious Kings...and a whole host of support personnel, living "pawns" on a allegorial chessboard and sent against one lone Knight.  Sure, 'Rhett can jump into action, but all directions available to him are less than friendly.  A bit like leaping from the frying pan into the fire, but 'Rhett is no ordinary knight.  He's a great Djinn.  As is the Queen, who is offering not destruction but an allience.  Ok, a very casual alliance, and only long enough for 'Rhett to "deliver" his super-impregnanting sperm.  Oh, and the child would be raised as another king's son. On second thought, could that rationally be called an alliance?

Once again, join Rowena Cherry as she delivers a story of high tension, political machinations, and courtly skullduggery.  Packed throughout KNIGHT'S FORK are the usual suspects in a Rowena Cherry story, Tarrant-Arragon, Djinni-Vera, J.J., Grandmama Hel, you name them and they're there, causing their usual mischief.  Poor 'Rhett barely has a chance to catch his breath as he dances desperately from one disaster to another, each caused by a well-meaning and politically ambitions relative.  It's a good thing 'Rhett was raised on Earth, for learning how to tap dance must have been helpful, since Electra and Grevious--marooned wtih him back on Earth--also kept him on his toes.

Laughter and hijinks are woven deliciously throughout KNIGHT'S FORK as only Rowena Cherry can do.  I had every confidence in 'Rhett, even though I winced in sympathy on more than one occassion.  I rooted for Electra to be successful in her highly questionable quest.  Who wouldn't want a God-Djinn as hot as 'Rhett in her bed?  But as fabulous as the primary characters were, and the hilarious Grevious was as entertaining as always, one character stood out of the crowd:  King Viz-Igerd. 

Although viewed by the Great Djinn as a slow-witted pawn to be pushed around for their own gain, in the end he "stood up" and did a very decent thing, showing a depth of character he'd kept hidden.  He very clearly loved Electra and he wasn't much happy at being played for a fool.  He was, in his own way, heroic.

Rowena Cherry has a way of creating characters that stand out.  Her galaxies are filled to the brim with people who hurt, stumble, and hope for better things.  I love the stories, KNIGHT'S FORK included.  Fans of political machinations and dry english humor should read them all!  You won't be disappointed.  Well done, Rowena!

Five Mystique Moons.  (Outstanding)
Class Two sensuality.  (Limited)

Brenda Thatcher, Co-Owner Mystique Books
Tags: rowena cherry
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